Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm alive!...and a Peek into my Bathroom Stash post

So, turns out I'm not dead. Good news right? At least I think it is. I know I've been MIA lately, but with my newish job and planning my wedding, I've been too worn out mentally to write. I've really missed writing though; I must have written a thousand blog posts in my head. To get us all back on track, here's a Peek into my Bathroom Stash post.

I had heard about how amazing this lip balm was for quite a while on various websites, but I figured that it couldn't be all that different. After all, I have been a proud lip balm addict since I was in 7th grade. How different could this one be from all the hundreds, (literally), that I've tried over the years? I have lived in Iceland. Trust me when I say I know my lip balms; it's really freaking cold and beyond windy there!

Anyway, Fresh has a lip balm called Sugar Lip Treatment. I bought a two pack. It had the below balm and a rose tinted one. I threw this one in my gym bag to use before work. (Oh yeah, I've also been getting up at 5 am to workout before work. This may be why I've been too wiped to blog.) I swiped it on as I was walking out of the gym to my car one morning a few weeks ago, and thought nothing of it. First impression-the screw on cap is so freaking cool. I have had too many caps come off lip balm tubes over the years, ruining the balm and whatever it touches in my bag. Ever reach your hand in a bag and suddenly have squishy stuff all over your fingers? It's disgusting and you panic as you try to guess what is all over your hand as you slowly remove it from your bag. The smart people over at Fresh have that problem solved, and honestly, the solution is so simple that it makes every over lip balm company without screw on caps look stupid. 

After the gym I grabbed a coffee and drank it at my desk as my ate my oatmeal. A few hours and bottles of water later, I rubbed my lips together and realized that my LIP BALM WAS STILL ON! I was blown away, and really wished I could tell someone, but I didn't want my coworkers to think I am more of a freak than they already do. (We are friends, but as you know, friends are usually the ones to point out your weird habits that make you a freak.) My next thought was that I had to write a post about this stuff. Yep, after many, many months of silence here on Dash of Perspective, this is the product that made me start writing again for you guys. Sugar lip treatment from Fresh is amazing. It's creamy, silky, substantial without being thick; basically heaven in a tube. Go out and buy 10 so you always have one nearby. Then grab a random cute guy and make out. You'll still have soft kissable lips after the make out session is over. (I totally won't judge if you then go to another bar and make out with a different hot guy. All in the name of product testing of course.)
Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15


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